How To Clear Your Browser Cache


In this article, I will explain how to clear the cache of your web browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Your browser cache is very helpful when it comes to page loading speed and reducing bandwidth consumption however, it can be troublesome when you are trying to fix something on your website.

If you’re making major changes on your site with regards to content or design, you may have to clear your browser cache in order to observe the changes that have been made. 

Note: You can clear your browser cache on any browser by pressing CTRL + F5.

Clear your cache on Google Chrome 

Clearing your cache on Chrome can also be done by pressing CTRL + F5. Additionally, you can try viewing new changes to your website by using Chrome‘s ‘Incognito Mode’ by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N.

The official guide for clearing your Chrome cache is also available.

Clear your cache on Mozilla Firefox

Aside from clearing your cache with CTRL + F5, you can try Firefox‘s ‘Private Mode’ by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P to also view changes.

You may also read the official guide for clearing your Firefox cache.

Clear your cache on Microsoft Edge

You can also read Microsoft’s official guide for clearing your Edge cache.




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